Taekwon-Do Deutschland e.V.-members from all over Germany came to attend the I. Taekwon-Do Academy Weekend in Gerlingen hold by Master O. Brämer (VII. DAN), Master Yogi Chand (VII. DAN), Sabum Owen Scott (IV. DAN)  nd Boo-Sabum Kim Herzog (III.DAN). Every single participant was training hard and broke sweat. Not only because of 30°C outside but because of the amazing classes where they were participating in. The week-end was divided in the division Pattern, Self-Defence, Sparring and Special Techniques. The vibe in the Brückentorhalle was unique! Everyone had a blast and was very happy to learn from the best in their division.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to:

  • Master Y. Chand (VII. DAN) and Sabum S. Owen (IV.DAN) from the Chand Institute Of Taekwon-Do who despite having the widest arrival from the UK, they've showed us very effective techniques in self-defence of which we couldn't get enough of!
  • Master O. Brämer (VII. DAN) who was an amazing Instructor in the division Tul and we enjoyed so much to train with again. We are so happy that he ́s back!
  • Boo-Sabum K. Herzog who showed us unique techniques in the division Sparring

Daedanhi gamsahabnida Master Y. Chand, Master O. Brämer, Sabum S. Owen and Boo- Sabum K. Herzog for your support and taking your precious time to come and share your knowledge with us! 

But an event like this can ́t exists without the support of each and every one. On behalf of the Taekwon-Do Deutschland e.V. I would like to send my kind regards and thanks to the parents of Taekwon-Doins from KSG Gerlingen.


09.06.2018 - 10.06.2018

In Gerlingen